IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System

IRCTC Next Generation Portal has made it quite easy for people to book the ticket. The easy to use user-interface is of a great help and it has certainly attracted more people on the portal. It is not just about user-friendly portal but the IRCTC has also added a lot of new features to the IRCTC Portal. This was all about the visible changes but there are also many under the hood changes which includes the more server space and better optimised code to ensure that the website is able to handle more codes.

Here, we have listed all the possible information about the IRCTC Next Generation new Version and you can go through the information to get to know this new IRCTC Portal. 

IRCTC Next Generation Portal New Features

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As mentioned earlier, the IRCTC Next Gen Portal comes with a lot of new features. These features are functional enhancements and they are also new features which were not available to the user earlier. Here is a list of new features offered by IRCTC Portal

  • Enhanced Journey Planner – The new journey planner has made it easy to find the right trains. This new journey planner comes with a lot of filters and sort functions. This means that you do not have to find the best train for yourself manually. You can simply apply filters and sort the train according to your preference. This new Journey Planner also displays the details in a better way.
  • Checking Ticket Availability – Earlier you had to login to get the details of ticket availability but with this user enhancement, you do not have to login to the portal to check the ticket availability. You can simply start looking for ticket availability on IRCTC Next Generation Portal by using Journey Planner. If you need to book the tickets then you can simply login to the portal using the IRCTC Login Credentials.
  • Bedroll, Wheelchair and other Services – IRCTC Next Generation Portal lets you book many add-on services and some of them are available at no additional cost. For example, you can book a bedroll for yourself. You can also book a wheelchair for no additional cost. Apart from this, IRCTC Next Generation portal has made it possible to check for Wi-Fi connection available at a station. You can also book a Cab with IRCTC Next Generation Portal as they have now partnered with Ola for offering this services.
  • Meals on Wheel – After the launch of IRCTC Next Generation portal, it has become easy to get the details of the meal price that is offered on the train. All this information is readily available on the website. Moreover, IRCTC Next Generation new website lets you book your meal from your favourite restaurant and this meal is delivered to your seat.
  • Loyalty Cards – If you travel frequently by train then you would certainly want to save more money on the tickets. IRCTC Next Generation Portal mentions the details of loyalty programs and it has now partnered with three banks to issue such loyalty cards which can help you in saving money and earning cash back.
  • Cancellation of Counter Tickets – The cancellation of the counter ticket has also been made easy with IRCTC Next Generation Portal as it is now possible to cancel the ticket through IRCTC Next Generation new website. You can later visit the station or ticketing counter to collect the refund of your portal.
  • CNF Probability – This is a brand new feature launched by IRCTC Next Generation Portal. This feature lets you check the probability of the ticket confirmation if you are booking a ticket in wait-list. The feature is especially helpful as it gives you an idea if you need to explore new options to travel or not.
  • IRCTC e-Wallet – The next feature introduced by IRCTC Next Generation Portal is IRCTC e-Wallet. This is a digital wallet launched by IRCTC and it facilitates payments. The wallet makes it quick to book tickets. Also, the refunds are credited back to the wallet in just 1 day.

Menu Options Available on IRCTC Next Generation

The Menu options have changed a little and hence we are listing the details of the Menu Option that you encounter on IRCTC Next Generation Website

  • Train – This option has various sub-options which can be used to avail various service. If you are a citizen of any other country apart from India then you will find the link to book tickets here. Apart from this, the menu option has services for checking the train status, checking PNR status, checking train schedules, cancelling the ticket and Booking the whole coach.
  • Holiday – This option can help you in booking international and domestic travels. Apart from this, the option can also help you in booking the hotels, lounges and retire rooms. Under this option, you can find the sub-category to book other royal trains as well.
  • Flight – Talking about the flights, this option will redirect you to the Air Travel portal of IRCTC. You can visit the portal and click on Flights option to book air tickets for yourself. This portal offers air tickets for a much lower price than other travel portals.
  • Loyalty – As mentioned earlier, the IRCTC Next Generation portal lets you check and apply for loyalty cards. Using this option, you can get information about SBI and UBI Loyalty cards. You can also add your loyalty account using this option.
  • Meals – This was a much-needed option and it has been added to IRCTC Next Generation Portal. This option lets you check the menu price in a specific train. The advantage of this is that the servers can’t overcharge you now. In addition to this, the option can also be used to book meals on your seat.
  • Promotions – Promotions Tab on IRCTC Next Generation Portal is basically to advertise. The option will display various information about the government scheme and in addition to this, the option also contains information about the ways to advertise with IRCTC.
  • Service at Station – With help of this option, you can check and avail services available at any station. For example, the option can help you with booking a wheelchair, Bedroll, Cab or a Retiring Room. This option also gives you information about Wi-Fi at the railway station.
  • IRCTC e-Wallet – This option can be used to enrol for IRCTC e-Wallet. You can also add money to IRCTC e-wallet with help of this option. In case of any doubt, you can use the option to check the user guide of IRCTC e-wallet.
  • Alerts – This option displays the alerts, updates, general info about IRCTC. You can also check about the cancelled trains and special trains with help of this option button on IRCTC Next Generation Portal.
  • My Account – You can access your account information with help of this option. The various options available under this category include the options to check and update profile information. You can also check the transaction history and file a TDR from this option. Lastly, this option can also be used to Link your Aadhar card to IRCTC.
  • More – This option has a link to cancel the Counter ticket and Link the Aadhaar card. You can use it if required

IRCTC Travel Insurance

As you know, IRCTC also offers travel insurance with the railway ticket. Earlier the insurance was offered for free but this has now changed. You need to pay for your insurance. Do not worry as the amount is not high like Air Travel. You can book this insurance in less than a rupee.

This new system charges your Rs 0.68 for the insurance and you can select or unselect the option to buy insurance. The maximum coverage offered in this case is Rs 10 Lakhs. IRCTC is just a broker in this case as the insurance is offered by ICICI Lombard, Shriram Insurance or Royal Sundaram. This is decided randomly.

The policy documents are now mailed to you after ticket booking. The purpose of giving you this information is so that you can go ahead and buy the insurance while booking the ticket. 68 paisa wouldn’t really matter much but in case of a mishappening, this can mitigate a lot of financial risks that you might face.

Logging in to IRCTC Next Generation Portal

The login process for the IRCTC has changed a little now. Earlier, you had to login to avail any service but now it is not mandatory. We would still recommend you to login after visiting the portal. Here is how you can login to IRCTC Portal

  • Visit and you will be on the homepage of IRCTC. Here, click on Login Button on top of the page. The button is present on the top right side and it is made available in red colour text.
  • IRCTC Next Generation
  • Now, a window will appear and you can enter your Login ID and Password in this window. You will also have to enter the captcha code. You can request for an OTP if required. Once that is done, simply login to your portal.
  • IRCTC Next Generation Login
  • After logging in, you will be taken back to the homepage. Your name will be displayed Instead of the Login Button. You can now use IRCTC Next Generation Portal to its full capabilities.

IRCTC Next Generatio New Website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is there a need to Register Again on New Portal?

A lot of people tried to register again for the new portal but you must know that the old accounts have been migrated to the new portal. This means that there is no need to register as a new user if you have had an IRCTC account before. Simply use the same login credentials to use IRCTC Next Generation Portal. This means that IRCTC Next Generation Login details are same as old ones.

Q2. Can I use the same ID to Book Air Travel & Holidays?

One of the new features on IRCTC Portal is booking of Air Packages and Holiday Packages. You can use the same ID to book the journey. In addition to this, you can also book these travel packages as a guest user which totally eliminates the need of logging in to the portal.

Q3. What is CNF Probability? Is it Accurate?

CNF Probability is Confirmation Probability and this helps you in finding out the probability of ticket being confirmed if you are booking a ticket in wait-list. You can check the CNF Probability while booking the ticket if the ticket is in wait-list. Coming to the second part of the question, it is just a probability and hence it is quite accurate but there can be an exception

Q4. How to get Refund after Cancelling Counter Ticket?

As you know, the new feature added to IRCTC lets you cancel the Counter Ticket via IRCTC Website. The refund here is not credited to your account immediately. The refund is to be collected from the nearest railway counter. You need to visit the nearest IRCTC Counter and collect your refund.

Q5. How to Transfer Money to Account from IRCTC e-Wallet?

If you wish to transfer money from IRCTC e-Wallet to your bank account then you must know that this facility is not available yet. Once the money has been added to IRCTC e-Wallet, it can only be used to book tickets or service. It can’t be transferred to bank account.

Q6. Money was debited from the Account but Ticket is not Booked, Whom do I Contact?

There are cases when the money is debited from your account but the ticket has not been booked. There are two possibilities here, one of them is that the payment has been settled and the other is that the payment is not settled. In both the cases, the payment is reverted to your account automatically. If you still need a contact then you can get in touch with bank or IRCTC to get more information about the same. 


This was all the information about IRCTC Next Generation Portal. You would not really need any more information about IRCTC portal as it is quite easy to use because of the highly intuitive Graphical User Interface. Also, do not forget to share these details with friends and families so that they can also understand the capabilities of the new portal.