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Train Schedule | Train Timings | Indian Railway Timetable

All we know the importance of time in our daily life, correct train timings of Indian Railway are important for passengers who want to know whether or not a train is running as per schedule mentioned in Indian railway timetable. Knowing accurate timings of train allow passengers to plan their travel journey much better. By doing this railway passengers can estimates when they will reach their destination which enables them further to fix their appointments, and schedule their work and travel plan properly according to their suitable time.

What you will learn from this article?
How to check train timings online easily.
Get Current timings of train by using your mobile through call and SMS.
How to get train schedule by NTES application.

Check Train Timings Online on Railway Inquiry Site:

Now you can easily check and see arrival and departure times of any train online on railway inquiry website. Other side if you know train number (train number will be available on your train ticket) or train name, you will easily see train timings and get complete train schedule.

Below screenshot gives you an idea about how to do train inquiry for train times on railway. Screenshot is taken from


As shown in above image you can directly put Train name or train number in that blank box to get your train schedule. After entering your train name/train number simply click on get schedule then find out your train timings by using your train name and train number. After that just tick mark on your train and you will get various details like train source, train destination Arrival time and Departure timings of that train including complete train route along with halt stations, halt time (in minutes). These timings should be match with what Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) shows on its booking page of e-ticketing system.

Get Train schedule by calling at 139 toll free number

This is the one of the very simplest method to get timings of any train on the way. Just you have to do is to call on railway inquiry number that is 139 which is toll free number. Follow the instructions which are given on call it will ask you to enter a number to know current train timings of a train on your station. Then you just need to enter the STD code of your city and train number then you will get it easily.

In case you don’t know train number, just enter STD code of station. System will tell you the arrival and departure time of all the trains scheduled within next 4 hours on your current station that’s it.

Get Train Timings by using SMS service:

By using this service you will easily get train timings and its route information on the way. You can do it by simply sending one single SMS from your mobile.
To get train timetable by SMS message use one of the following methods

SMS (TIME <space> {Train Number}) to 139

SMS (TRNSH <space> {Train Number}) to 54959

Get Train Timings easily by NTES App

Centre for Railway Information System has developed a National Train Enquiry System (NTES), which is also available in the form of mobile app. It is launched for both platforms Android as well as Windows phone. With this single application not only you can do booking and cancellation but you can do all sorts of enquiry about a train. It means you can also get rail times. To get IRCTC train schedule take following steps:

1. Install NTES APP: Download NTES APP from Google Play Store or Windows Store.


2. Go to Train Schedule Section to get latest train timings.


3. Enter train number or train name, and click on 'Show Schedule'


4. Note down your train's schedule displayed on a timetable on your screen.


Similarly you can also select 'Live Station' option to see trains running, arriving and departing, within next 2-4 hrs. From a particular station.


Final Verdict from Editorial Team:

This is how you can easily get train timings and schedule by using various methods. One can use any of them as per their comfort and depending on devices available to them. If you know something more than this please comment below and feel free to share with us we will publish it here.

Author Box

This is not an official site of IRCTC. It is just a reference site made to help people to inform about irct next generation e-ticketing system to book and reserve their ticket easily from official website.

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